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Inventor: Abby & Riley Nelson


...saves drycleaning and laundering of costly bedding

MERRIMACK, NH - The Bed Cover Holder is a convenient and effective means of storing high-end bedding.  One simply lifts the bed spread or comforter to reveal the Bed Cover Holder, then pulls out the holder to expose a newly created space for the comforter, pillows and throws.  

Rather than placing these costly linens in a corner, on the floor or in a closet, the items are easily folded into place. The product is designed to slip between the mattress and box spring and is made of aluminum with a brushed aluminum or powder-coat finish.  It is approximately eight inches high and four feet in depth.  The Bed Cover Holder is available for various size beds, such as king, queen, full, and twin. During the day, when the bed is made up, the Bed Cover Holder conveniently slips back under the mattress and is hidden by the bedspread or comforter.

Upscale hotels and motels will find the Bed Cover Holder a benefit for several reasons:

1) No stains on the bedding;

2) Cleaner rooms and bedding for guests;

3) Less laundering or drycleaning of bedding?which saves wear and tear and extends the life of costly linens;

4) Health inspections are less apt to identify bacteria or germs on bed linens. And similar benefits extend to individual home owners who spend large sums of money on special bed linens.

To view a graphic of the Bed Cover Holder, along with more complete information on design features, advantages, benefits, target markets and distribution channels, please go to the product Website at www.inventionresource/82244/default.htm or see the attached brochure.

The Bed Cover Holder was invented by Abby and Riley Nelson, residents of Merrimack, NH.  ?This product provides a ?loft? for bed linens without taking up space in a bedroom,? said co-inventor Abby Nelson. ?Bed linens are traditionally folded at the end of the bed but often get kicked off during the night, exposing them to dust mites and allergens.?  

The Bed Cover Holder is perfect in high-end hotels where the bedding is folded back each evening, and it will protect them from any spills or stains a guest might inadvertently make. It is easy to use and extends the life of comforters and bedspreads as well as decorative pillows.

?Best of all,? noted co-inventor Riley, who loves to do chores faster, ?it saves time when remaking the bed.?


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