As a person (?Submitter?) contemplating submitting a press release (?the Release?) for free publication by inventionpublicity.com, it is important that you understand and agree to the following terms of submission:


  1. ALL INFORMATION IN THE RELEASE CAN/WILL BE MADE PUBLIC: Submitter understands that all information submitted in the Release will be made publicly available by inventionpublicity.com. Accordingly, submitter has taken any appropriate steps to preserve any intellectual property contained within the Release. Submitter further understands that publication of information regarding a patentable invention prior to filing a patent application might bar patenting of that invention under 35 U.S.C. ? 102(b). Submitter is advised to seek the advice of legal counsel regarding preservation of its intellectual property rights.

  2. ALL INFORMATION IN THE RELEASE CAN BE PUBLISHED AND REMOVED AT OUR SOLE DISCRETION: Inventionpublicity.com and Invention Resource International, LLC, may, at its sole discretion, publish any information provided by Submitter, throughout the world, through any medium, in perpetuity, without any compensation to Submitter. Inventionpublicity.com may at any time remove the Release from its website, without warning or recourse of any kind.

  3. WE ARE NOT LIABLE FOR DAMAGES: Submitter assumes full responsibility for any and all damages incurred due to publication of the information contained in the Release. This free service is explicitly provided on the condition that Submitter understands that it assumes full responsibility.

  4. WE DO NOT PROMISE TO PROVIDE ANY ADDITIONAL SERVICES: Although Invention Resource International is a full service company assisting inventors in various stages of developing new inventions and ideas, Invention Resource International does not promise to provide any additional services for the submitter, except as provided in a separate written agreement.

  5. INDEMNITY: Submitter agrees to indemnify Inventionpublicity.com, Invention Resources International, LLC, its employees, officers, and agents for any liability occurred due to the content you provide in the Release, including liability stemming from (but not limited to) copyright infringement due to copyrighted material contained in the Release, or libelous material contained in the release.

  6. Although all publication is at our sole discretion, it is our policy not to publish:
    A. Spam
    B. Obscene or indecent material
    C. Poorly written press releases, such as those with apparent grammatical errors.
    D. Information in violation of the law, including but not limited to criminal and intellectual property laws.
    E. Information that is defamatory or disparaging to an individual or corporate entity.


By checking the box on the submission form, the Submitter acknowledges that he/she/it agrees to and accepts all of the above terms as a condition of submission of the Release.