Blue Living Room Ideas for Cool Home Design


Blue Sofa Furniture Set For Living Room Ideas

Enjoy a cool home design with blue living room ideas. There are many colors which can go well with blue. You can pick white, pink, honey yellow, lime green, black or even deep brown. You can mix and match different colors with blue to enjoy a certain mood. If you are interested with relaxing mood, you should never mix blue with black or bold red. You can select the blue living room ideas in nautical style. Therefore, you can match it with white and sea foam green.

You can pick the white as the main color in the living room. It can be applied in on the living room wall and sofa. The blue shade looks nice as the color of the accessories. Then you can use sea foam green to decorate the knick knacks and window treatment. If you want to use blue as the main color, paint the wall in soft blue. You can use white as the color of the sofa and upholstered chair. Then you can add a hint of red for the accessories such as the toss pillows and pictures on the wall. Therefore, the blue living room ideas never look plain.

If you are not interested with casual nautical blue living room ideas in the living room, you can choose different style. You can pick the Swedish themed living room. You can make it look elegant with the combination of blue, white and silver. You can paint the wall in soft blue, while the furniture can be decorated in silver tone. The white color is nice to see on the window treatment, toss pillows and area rug. You can add some traditional pattern on the textiles and upholstery. Hang a silver finished chandelier. It can feature the crystal or beaded decoration. The Swedish blue living room ideas look amazing with damask, floral and paisley.


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