Design a Room with Light and Color


Flower White Lamp With Green Living Room Design Ideas

You can design a room without spending a lot of money if you focus on the light and color. The interior design changes dramatically if you can focus on the selection of color combination in the living room and lighting used to set the bright feeling. Rather than replacing the old furniture with a new one, you can change the wall color and maximize the window to increase the intensity of light in the living room. Most living rooms are equipped with window. You can make it look nice if you can use it perfect. Rather than covering the whole window with thick drapery, install sheer curtain.

It can reduce the intensity of light and maintain the privacy. But it will never create dark feeling in the living room. The type of drapes that you choose to design a room is very important. You can pick the thick and flowing fabric to carry the airy feeling in the room. The next thing to design a room is presenting the clean and neat style. Avoid the presence of clutter in the room. You have to install a cabinet with more storage space to reduce the clutter. An ottoman can be used as a coffee table for it has a large hidden storage space.

You can also choose a curio cabinet with flat surface. The top of the cabinet is nice to decorate with few knick knacks such as figurines or sport trophies. The wall does not have to look plain when you design a room. You can set a bold painting on the fireplace mantle. It can be the focal point in the living room. Now think about the usage of color combination in the living room. You can choose white as the main color on the wall. It is simple, elegant and nice in various kinds of interior ideas to design a room.


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