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Elegant House Living Room Drapes

Living room drapes should be elegant if you are interested to decorate the traditional living room. The function of the living room determines the types of home decor to choose. You can make it into an entertainment or relaxing space. In some cases, many home owners use the living room as a place to entertain the important guests such as the business colleagues, clients and bosses. Thus, the living room design should not look casual. You have to make it formal by using the right accessories. You have to decorate the window in elegant style to evoke the formal design.

You can create the homogenous space with the right color, type, size, pattern and texture of living room drapes. Install the double curtain rod to hang the inner and outer layer of the drapery. It should present thicker effect to develop the formal design. You have the inner part of the window treatment decorated with sheer curtain. The most popular color of a sheer curtain is white. But you can select soft pink or cream to make the living room drapes coordinate with other neutral colors in the living room.

Then you can choose the type of living room drapes to install on the outer layer. You can pick the one made of velvet, silk, satin or even high quality cotton. The velvet curtain is perfect for the super formal drapes. If you want to evoke the elegant feeling, the flowing satin or silk curtain in purple, hot pink or burgundy is nice to see. You can bring the decorative style with a ruffled drape. Ensure that you have measured the size of the drapery to make it fit with the size of the window. It will be great if you select the living room drapes from floor to ceiling design.


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