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Wall units for living room should look fancy and incredible. If you have done selecting the furniture, area rug and toss pillows for the living room, it is the time for you to focus on the selection of the wall decor. You should never make the living room wall bare. Decorate it with some pictures or paintings. But ensure that the decoration fits with the theme of the living room. You can make the wall look fancy, ornate, modern, traditional or even funky depending on the types of wall units for living room.

Pick one wall as the focal point in the living room. You can make it look fancy and sparkling by having the faux stained glass appearance on the wall. Use the glue to place them. If you want to make it super glamour, you can set the colorful diamond shaped rhinestones on the wall. It can make the guests turn their head when seeing your rhinestone wall units for living room. When you open the window, the wall will look shining and shimmering. If you just want to make the wall units for living room simple and fun, you can set the photo interior design on the wall.

Pick the cute photos of family and have all of them framed. Then you can set them around the fireplace mantle. If you have a very small living room, you just have to install a large picture on the wall as a focal statement in the modern living room. If you have traditional living room design, it is fine to have smaller photos to decorate all walls in the living room. If you are not interested to use the photo decoration, you can set a beautiful painting on the wall. You can buy the wall units for living room with the replica of Da Vinci’s Mona Lisa.


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