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Modern living rooms are incredible to have inside the house. You can make the modern living room furniture as the focal point. The furniture is not only about the sofa, or even recliner. It is also about the entertainment. The furniture in the living room should support the entertainment center. You can have the sofa and chairs facing the entertainment center. If the living room is equipped with a fireplace, you can mount a LED TV on the fireplace mantle. The sectional sofa is located at the opposite area with a glass top coffee table between the fireplace and sofa. The armchairs located near the sofa.

The entertainment center can feature TV, rack or bookshelves. You need to have the shelves or racks to hold on the games, DVDs or CDs collection. Modern living rooms will be amazing if you have the edgy furniture pieces. They can be made of wood or plastic. If you want to make it a little big formal, you can set the leather sectional sofa. It can be upholstered in black, brown or red leather. The modern living rooms should never look intricate. You can have plaid pattern if you want to avoid the boring design. For example, you can install striped black and white wallpaper on one wall, while the rest of the wall is in beige, white or taupe.

The modern living rooms with large windows are impressive. It can deliver the open sense in the living room. You do not have to install the heavy drapery. Choose the sheer curtain or lightweight curtain to deliver the flowing effect in the room. The curtain rod should be simple too. It can feature the metal accent. When you look at the ceiling, you should never make it look bare. You can decorate it with recessed lighting or a modern chandelier to illuminate the whole section in modern living rooms.


Modern Living Rooms Designs

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