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… camouflages electronic components of someone missing or lost.


HOUSTON, TX—The Merriam-Webster Dictionary describes monitor(ing) as: “keeping watch, keeping track of, or checking for a special purpose.” This describes the duty of the Wrist Angel perfectly. It is an electronic monitoring device discreetly hidden within a stylish rubber or plastic bracelet and designed for wear by children (or adults who need a caregiver's supervision.). Personalized information is inside a locator chip and is a multifunctional monitoring system that can track the specific location of a person. Using components similar to those used in Lojack® or Global Positioning System (GPS) the registered information can be accessed quickly by the caregiver or law enforcement personnel in order to access the location of the wearer. When the Wrist Angel is used a wearer will never ever be lost!


The Wrist Angel was invented by Divine Inspirations of Houston, TX. They said, “Being able to immediately access the exact route of a lost or missing person is vital to his or her safety. The Wrist Angel will significantly increase the chances that a lost or missing individual will be found quickly and returned home without harm. It is a fashionable rubber (or plastic) bracelet worn today by people of all genders and ages for numerous encouraging reasons. It is comfortable and completely camouflaged as a natural accessory and yet is the way to find the path to those we care for and love.”


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