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… means no more strain on your back when you have to move snow.

EAST ORANGE, NJ—The Handy Plow is a manually operated snow plow made especially to shovel, lift and disperse accumulated snow. It will be a simple and safer alternative to a traditional snow shovel, and one that would enable the user to cut hard packed snow without requiring the user to lift a snow shovel off the ground. The Handy Plow would greatly reduce the physical strain associated with shoveling snow. It will also provide a cost effective and environmentally friendly alternative to traditional plows that run on gasoline or electricity. The Handy Plow will be similar in appearance to a manually powered push mower. It would consist of the plow itself, as well as an ergonomically designed upright and push style handle. Mounted to both sides of the plow will be a heavy duty, large diameter wheel, making it easier to effortlessly propel the plow with the extended handlebar.


The Patent Pending Handy Plow was invented by Percy N. of East Orange, NJ, who said,“This will provide all users with a more user-friendly and reliable tool for clearing snow from driveways and walkways. The Handy Plow will eliminate one of the most uncomfortable, backbreaking jobs associated with moving snow.”


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