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… hauls tools and materials to and from job sites with ease.

RIVERSIDE, CA—Moving items from place to place when dealing with heavy construction related materials and other equipment can be difficult and sometimes even dangerous. That is not the case when using the new Transportmer.


The Transportmer is a convertible, combination material rack and single-axle utility trailer designed for lightweight work trucks. It offers contractors, landscapers and other construction-related professionals with greater versatility in transporting materials and heavy loads. It is similar in appearance and function to a metal rack mounted on the back of pickup and work trucks to carry materials. It also can be attached to a ball hitch and pulled.


The Patent Pending Transportmer was invented by Manuel B. of Riverside, CA who said,“This is such a great modification of transport versatility that everyone who has a work truck will want The Transportmer. It is an organizational tool which helps manage every aspect of one's day to day work. It transfers into a utility trailer when needed and holds a maximum amount of material weight for a single-axle trailer. It looks great and best of all, it works perfectly.”


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