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… helps user perform a fastidious polish application.

NEW YORK, NY—Picture this! You are on your way out the door to an important appointment and whoops, an ugly smudged fingernail requiring a 'hurry up and fix' — and that is not always simple! Relax, the Finger Polish Fast helps you get the job done quickly, neatly and easily. It is a specially designed clamp-like holder configured to secure an open bottle of polish between the fingers. The device is made of coated durable/heavy-duty material yet is lightweight and ergonomically formed for comfort to the user. The “V” shape spring-loaded clamp mechanism gently slides between the fingers and holds the bottle while keeping the finger firmly in place for the application of the polish.


The Patent Pending Finger Polish Fast was invented by Julia M. of New York, NY who said,“Good grooming takes many turns and perfectly painted fingernails is an important part of completing the proper image. Imperfectly or chipped nails would effect one's grooming similar to being all dressed up and having dirty shoes. One's hands are always in view and beautifully painted fingernails have a vital impact on all spectators. Finger Polish Fast is great and it works with ease!”


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