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Is Perfect For An Incontinence Product for Men and Women

PHOENIX, AZ—Designed for those who experience incontinence, the P-PAD is machine washable and reusable. Fabricated of all natural and hypoallergenic fibers, the P-PAD provides a comfortable and safe choice for those who experience skin irritation from disposable paper products. Also, the P-PAD is considered an earth friendly product as it can be reused instead of decomposing in a land fill.


The patent pending P-Pad was invented by Didi Magee of Phoenix, AZ, who said, “The P-PAD was designed with comfort and peace of mind for those who experience temporary or regular incontinence. Available in three sizes, the P-PAD can be folded into thirds and refolded when needed for dryness. A solid plastic travel pouch provides storage when the unit is clean and not in use or when used and needing a wash. Soiled units then can be washed in the 9' x 12' cotton mesh bag. The bag is safe for regular machine washings.”


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