THE “D4”

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THE “D4” …

… controls the abuse of prescription medications.

SCOTTSDALE, AZ—The D4 (Dvorak's Drug Dispensing Device) is an electronically controlled monitoring and dispensing device specially designed for use with prescription medications—particularly powerful painkillers such as OxyContin / Oxycodone, and other addictive drugs. The rectangular unit has an LCD display connected to a controller that serves to convey the amount of pills remaining, the time until the next prescribed dosage, FAQ's concerning the drug, and complete product identification. The D4 ensures that addictive prescription drugs are not abused by patients or illegally by others. An automated, programmable unit specifically configured to lock in and correctly administer only prescribed dosages of powerful medications—especially narcotics—the D4 allows only the amount of pills—at the designated times—to be released. D4 is tamper-proof and serves as an essential tool against prescription drug abuse. A pharmacist is able to correct or change the device if or when it has been tampered with. A thumbprint and code allows the user to dispense their medications. The medications will only be dispensed as the doctor prescribes.


The Patent Pending D4 was invented by Sheri Dvorak, of Scottsdale, AZ. She said,“I designed this system to provide a more effective system for ensuring powerful drugs are taken—only as directed—and not abused or sold on the streets. The D4 significantly reduces overdoses from prescription drug abuse by a patient or his/her caregiver. The whole purpose of this device is to stop people from abusing drugs by taking too many or forget to take them altogether or take out more than prescribed in order to sell. This device also protects prescribing physicians!”


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