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… is the perfect tool for those hard-to-reach areas when working on faucets.

ARROYO GRANDE , CA—A loose nut at a faucet needs a certain tool to do the job and this new tool is actually named Loose Nut – The Right Tool. It is a tool that provides users with the ability to assemble and disassemble a faucet connection in any location, regardless of the space constraints. The design intent is to create a more ergonomic tool in assisting mechanics, plumbers, homeowners and Do-It-Yourselfers when doing a faucet hookup, removal or replacement.


It is a solid hand tool composed of drop-forged steel and features a knurled handle at one end of which the other end tapers to a small head where the device’s specialized shape is positioned. The head is divided into two lobes that extend forward and curve in towards one another creating an enclosed cylinder with two open, empty walls. The gap between the two lobes is large enough for a standard-gauge water feed line to easily slide through and the curve of the lobes is appropriate to snugly surround a regular hose-end nut. Complete instructions and recommendations are furnished in the package.


The Patent Pending Loose Nut – The Right Tool was invented by Real Lanteigne of Arroyo Grande, CA, who said,“ Even professionals do not always have precisely the right tool for a certain job. In the case of installing or removing faucets, often in hard to reach spaces, this tool is the answer for them as well as the homeowner/DIYer. This really is the right tool for the right job.”



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