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… provides warning to drivers when emergency vehicle approaches.

CHICAGO, IL—If you find that sirens are not always heard when driving, the Emerg-Alert will be of interest to you. It is a specially designed transmitting and receiving system that allows emergency vehicles to signal other automobiles disabling the latter’s stereo system. The intent of this device is to provide a more effective warning system to motorists than an emergency vehicle, such as a fire truck ambulance or police car is approaching, giving the driver plenty of time to move over. Many times when there are kids in the car it is difficult to hear a siren because of the boisterous noise of the children. And, if one is hard of hearing, once again it can cause difficulty.


The Emerg-Alert was invented by Wesley L. Bailey and Sabrina Bailey of Chicago, IL. They said, “We all want to be aware of an emergency vehicle approaching but sometimes it is difficult. The Emerg-Alert solves the problem of hearing desperate communications from an emergency vehicle and could easily be instrumental in minimizing the possibility of accidents between a motorist and that emergency vehicle rushing to the scene of an accident or fire. This device will provide unimpeded right-of-way and the time saved could be critical to a heart attack victim or others waiting on help.”


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