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… is a perfect tacking tool that eliminates sore fingers as well as a hammer.

MAMARONECK, NY—If you have had the misfortune of slamming your finger into a hard surface in order to 'tack' something then you will be delighted to see this new easy to use, compact tool for driving tacks of all kinds— fast, effective and pain-free. The Tackle is a hand-held tool for driving thumb-tacks and push-pins into surfaces. The design intent of the Tackle is to make the tedious, uncomfortable, and sometimes hazardous task of pushing in thumb-tacks and push-pins in an efficient method. The tool ranges from a simple manually operated single-tack device to an electrically powered tack-gun that holds a large magazine of tacks. Tackle works in all type of uses and is just as efficient in a business of various types (upholstery for one kind) as it is in the home or school. More design features can be seen in the attached brochure or viewed in the websites listed below.


The Patent Pending Tackle was invented by Makeba M. Phillip of Mamaroneck, NY who said,“It absolutely amazes me that a tool such as Tackle had not been introduced to consumers. In all types of settings Tackle works perfectly. It is an affordable tool which belongs in every tool box, utility drawer or shop because it works so well. I see Tackle becoming a staple item everywhere.”


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