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… provides the needed scrubbing power to clean large pots/pans.

BRONX, NY—Dish-washing and pot cleaning is a job few of us enjoy and most of us dread the red hands, fingers and arms after scrubbing big pots and pans. That no longer is a problem for a dishwasher in any type of environment when using the new Scouring Fork. It is an elongated, fork-like tool capped with a scouring pad that is specially designed for cleaning large dishes, pots and pants. The design intent is to provide and easier and more effective means of cleaning these utensils without damaging the hands or getting nasty debris under the fingernails. It works perfectly well and comes in a wide array of eye-catching colors to appeal to individual tastes and match various decors.


The Patent Pending Scouring Fork was invented by Frank J. Peavy of Bronx, NY who said,“This product is both efficient and a sanitary means of cleaning dishes, pots and pans. Even if one has a dishwasher it pays to rinse and get much of the cooking mess cleaned out before placing in the appliance...but let me tell you, if you use the Scouring Fork, most times the dishwasher can be relieved of it standard duties. It works.”


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