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… is a more exciting form of a classic game for the 21st century .

JERSEY CITY, NJ—Time spent playing board games is less popular today but the new Speed Dominoes takes a prize and will reintroduce the fun old-time game of dominoes. Speed Dominoes is an electronically enhanced reimagining of the game of dominoes that moves faster than the traditional form and only requires two players instead of the requisite four. The design intent is to provide a more exciting form of this classic game everyone loves.


It takes the form of a handheld, computerized gaming platform complete with directional buttons, a liquid crystal display screen and internal chips and circuitry to facilitate electronic game play. It is a slim line unit resembling the easily viewed and managed electronic readers such as the iPad, Nook, and the Kindle. A book of instructions, also called the inventor’s Testimonial of Invention, ensures accuracy. Speed Dominoes prove true to its name—speed— and offers instant entertainment. It can be carried in luggage, a backpack, a briefcase or other means of transport and available to play anywhere and everywhere.


The Patent Pending Speed Dominos was invented by Richard Gonzalez of Jersey City, NJ who said, “It is always fun to find spontaneous entertainment and that is just as true when searching for a way to pass time. This tile game eliminates the need for four players necessary for a game. It is fast-paced and fascinating and just as appealing to the current generation as it was years ago.”


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