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… captures and transforms exhaled smoke.

PHOENIX, AZ—In today's world smoking is frowned upon and restricted in the majority of buildings. That will not be the case when using this new product. Sneak A Smoke is a unique smoke-absorbing and air-freshening filter which, when used in conjunction with tobacco and/or medical cannabis — marijuana, will effectively make the smoker's exhalations smokeless — and actually freshen the air around the smoker with an appealing and attractive scent. The cylindrical device or tube measures ten inches long and two inches in circumference. The interior of the tube is equipped with a sequenced set of screens and filters. The exterior is styled to resemble a cigarette.


The Patent Pending Sneak A Smoke was invented by John Glotfelter of Phoenix, AZ who said, “This is a device that will benefit every single smoker. When a smoker exhales through the Sneak A Smoke, that exhalation passes through the interior sequence of filters; the smoke is absorbed and transformed into fresh-scented, smoke-free air. Sneak A Smoke is ideal for the interior of a home and when in a vehicle.”


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