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Protects user’s palm or fingers when adding pressure to knife while chopping.

SAN BERNARDINO, CA—Picture using a knife that has a silicone rubber strip adhered to the top of the knife blade. Anyone who has a habit of placing a hand along the top of a blade while chopping items will benefit from this new knife. The Silicone Safety Knife is a premium-quality kitchen knife designed for chopping and featuring a unique silicone “bumper” or guard along the top edge of the blade. The design intent is to offer both household cooks, chefs and culinary professionals with an efficient and more comfortable chopping knife — one that cushions the user’s palm/fingers from the top of the blade.


The silicone safety finger/palm extension is built into the Silicone Safety Knife and is a distinguishing characteristic because it is totally and completely different from any other knife in the marketplace today and one that will protect the user. The permanently adhered strip of silicone rubber will cushion and protect the user’s hand and fingers. It provides protection against gouges, cuts, blistering and calluses as well as provides a comfortable surface against which to press the free hand while engaging in two-handed rocking motion that most chefs (and many home cooks) use for chopping vegetables and meats.


The Patent Pending Silicone Safety Knife was invented by Lacramioara Mateas of San Bernardino, CA, who said, “This is not an unusual knife, yet it should be a knife with which we are all familiar! However unfortunately it has not been available before now. It protects and cushions the index fingers of those using it who employ a single-handed chopping style. It is top notch quality and holds its edge for a lifetime of repeated use. It works perfectly!”


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