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… supports and holds user’s place in a secure position.

CALGARY, AB , CANADA—Attention avid readers! Holding a book mark in place until the next read can be a futile job. The new Book Band, on the other hand, is designed to provide users with a durable alternative to traditional book marks and one which will not slip or fall out of a book. It features a line-reader attachment and also can be utilized to enable the reader to easily keep track of their place while reading. While it is not a technological item, it is an item that makes reading easier and much more convenient.


The Patent Pending Book Band was invented by Troy Munday of Calgary, AB, Canada, who said, “Avid readers will probably wonder why they never thought of this before—because it works perfectly. It securely fastens between the pages of a book and ensured the designated page can be easily accessed. It does not damage the pages of a book such as a paper clip of hair clip might and again, does not slide or shift about. The line bar is what I call a “sentence keeper’ and it totally eliminates the frustration of searching through text or rereading to find the right place to pick up the story where I left off.”


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