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… Ends problem of potential trip, fall or stumble into opening on urban sidewalks

JAMAICA, NY—Accidents continue to happen throughout one’s life and one way to prevent these unnatural accidents is to have a barrier that surrounds an area where accidents happen frequently. The Cellar Gate Protector is a line of barriers specially designed to surround cellar gate openings so often found on urban sidewalks. The design intent is to provide a more effective means of warning passersby and thus prevent injuries that can and do result from accidentally tripping or falling over or into these areas.


The device is offered in various sizes in order to accommodate virtually any g round level cellar gate and is more easily visible because of the black and bright yellow stripes which are visually effective. A series of flashing strobe light add to warn walks of a hazard. Two “danger” signs are mounted at eye level on the front of the barrier. Audible warnings to passersby are for those who are visually impaired or not paying attention. Safety is the key element of the Cellar Gate Protector.


The Patent Pending Cellar Gate Protector was invented by Regina Jennings of Jamaica, NY who said, “Until one has suffered from an unfortunate fall on city streets, it is hard to imagine how frightening this can be, let alone how physically damaging; but it also is of deep concern to a business who needs a delivery or is cleaning. The Cellar Gate Protector allows urban businesses to open their cellar gates without fear of a pedestrian being hurt. The device protects from costly litigation by injured parties as well. It works.”


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