Serenity in Sitting Room Ideas


Shabby Chic Rose Color And Serenity Blue Living Space In Sitting Room Ideas

You can use the latest sitting room ideas to build the air of serenity in the living room. Sometimes you want to be alone and enjoy the fresh air in the sitting room. It will be tiresome if you have kids and pets running away. But that’s not the main obstacle to build the serene and tranquil feeling. Many home owners do not on how to make this sitting room cozy, decent and comfortable. Since the main focus is making the sitting room serene, you have to check the simple color schemes.

The bold colors such as burnt orange, sunny yellow and bloody red should be eliminated from the list of the sitting room ideas. You have to use the nature inspired color schemes to make the room fresh, relaxing and fun. You can use green as the main color in the room. This color reminds you with the green forest or even green grasses. Then you can add an accent colors in white, cream, tan, or pink. It will be perfect if you can apply the open plan sitting room ideas. It gives you a chance to get closer with the nature.

You can have big windows facing the front yard or backyard to give you a natural view when you sit on the chair or sofa. There is no need for you to install the heavy curtain. Choose the natural flowing curtain. When you open the window, the curtain will be flying away. It reminds you with the comfortable feeling when you are at the beach. Don’t forget to think about the illumination on your sitting room ideas. You have two types of lamps. The perfect lighting can be installed on the ceiling. A floor lamp or table lamp is needed when you want to enjoy an ambient lighting for perfect sitting room ideas.


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