Living Room Inspiration

Simple Wall Art for Living Room

Wall art for living room does not have to look ornate. Pick the simple one which enables you to show the modern design in the living room. You can make the bare wall more interesting to view if you can decorate the space with cute knick knacks, paintings, pictures or photos of family. You can make the make the guests comfortable and interested with the type of decors that you have in the living room. Decide the available space on the wall that you like to fill with wall art for living room. If you want to decorate the fireplace mantle, you can bring a big statement with a large piece.

If you want to decorate the wall between twin windows, you can set smaller pieces of pictures or photos. The color of the wall also affects the selection of wall art for living room. If you have dark colored wall, you can choose the wall art in bright or light color. Therefore, you will never see a plain style on the wall. If you have a light colored wall, you can set a pictures or photos in bright or wall color. The mood that you like to have in the living room should be considered too.

You can make it informal or formal depending on the living room style. If you want to make the Victorian living room stand out, you have to choose the formal wall art for living room. It can be decorated with gold and ornate carved frames. If the room is in modern design, you can choose the metal accent for the frame. The modern living room is always nice and elegant with black and white photographs. Or you can have the bold abstract painting to locate on the wall. if you want to bring controversial subjects in the wall art for living room, choose erotica style.

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