Tips To Enlarge Small Living Room Design


Army Theme Paint Color For Small Living Room

mall living room design should look bigger that the actual size. You can trick the small space and make it bigger by using the right accessories, color, lighting and furniture pieces. The small living room is not the end of the day. You can make it comfortable. Use this space to entertain the guests and fit your everyday lifestyle. The first thing to do in small living room design is picking the light shades to decorate the wall. You can choose white as the main wall color. But it will be boring since white is always the primary option when you redecorate the wall.

You can try another light shades such as baby blue, honey yellow, or mint green. If you want to make it romantic or feminine, you can choose lilac or salmon pink. The lighter colors on the wall enable you to create open feeling in small living room design. Moreover, the people can enjoy the cozy feeling. The coffee table in the middle of the living room can be made of glass top. It can reflect the light and open up the small room. Then you can add a frameless mirror on the fireplace mantle to carry reflection of the room. It can be in square or round shaped mirror.

When the morning comes, the sunlight can be reflected by the mirror. It carries brighter feeling in the small living room design. When you choose the sofa, chairs or loveseats, pick the plain or solid colored upholstery. They can be made of leather or high quality cotton. Avoid the sofa with printed upholstery for it can contribute to busy outcome in the room. You can opt for monochromatic colors for the furniture pieces. You can install glass windows. Decorate the window inside the small living room design with the thin and flowing curtain.


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